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In dieser Rubrik findet ihr 568 Interviews mit Wrestlern und Offiziellen, die im Laufe der Jahre auf Genickbruch veröffentlicht wurden. 75 der hier gelisteten Befragungen wurden exklusiv von Genickbruch-Mitarbeitern durchgeführt.

Exklusivinterview mit Joe E. Legend
How did you get started in the wrestling business?
Well I did karate and kung fu for 10 years, I have 4 black belts and I realised that I could probably kick anybodys ass in the unemployment line but it wasn´t gonna make me any money. My dad used to take me to wrestling shows and I kinda got interested there and I start going to watch with my friends at Maple Leaf Garden Scrab Arena big shows as well as small shows. Before I knew it I was kind of hooked so i went downtown Toronto to - i don´t know if he´s a big deal here "Sweet Daddy Siki" a black guy with a huge blond afro; big deal in the 50´s and 60´s especially in the south. I mean (he was) a kind of effeminate black guy with a big blond afro in the ring in the south has a big heat from a really homophobic audience. Him and Ron Hutchinson who is probably the best wrestler you never heard of trained me for two years and then I started wrestling

What year was it, approximately?

When you got on the road, in which area did you wrestle?
I started, like everybody does, doing a bunch of independent shows. I had about 4 matches including a battle royal and then I ended up going to Japan for FMW. Basically Tiger Jeet Singh came into the gym which was in the part of Toronto where I am originally from. He wanted somebody to train his son and Siki said he would and I would work in bars at night. He said your days are free, you might be interested to working out with Mick, who would be Tiger Ali Singh. And I said "sure I would I just want in the ring" and they never promised me a thing. I never did it because they promised me a thing. I mean Tiger was honorable about that and when he found enough duty for me he hooked me up in Japan. So I went there and met Sabu, Mike Awesome and all those guys.

Are you still in contact with all those guys?
Sabu yeah. I keep up with Sabu. I haven´t talked with Mike Awesome in like forever.

And the Singhs?
I haven´t talked to them in a good long time either. Last I heard of Mick he was suing WWF over the whole Puerto Rico thing. I talked to D'Lo Brown about it which I think WWF just called in. They were just ignorant. That´s my opinion, screw them.

When you were in Japan for FMW were you in the opening matches or what was your position in the company? Did you wrestle with Hayabusa?
Yeah, before he was Hayabusa . He was still going under his real name Eiji Ezaki. I wrestled and heavily beat him I don´t know how many times. And then I did a bunch of run ins (in the main events). They had called me "Cowboy" Billy Johnson and they said I was from Texas - Terrible! I wore a big hat.

Just like in Hannover?
Awh god.
I would look like the guy from the Village People with the big chops and hat. But they had me do the run in at the end of every night. Onita was doing barbed wire matches (with Singh) so I came out with the clippers and we cut the barbed wire and tied him up and put boots to him until he´d fight back and would do a big promo and the crowd would go crazy.

Was it a problem to wrestle as rookie with japanese people?
Yeah, but god bless guys like Sabu and there was a guy over there called Dr. Luther (Lenny Sinclair). He is a guy from Canada. Those guys were a huge help to me because I was so green. They were far nicer to me than I probably deserved. I have to publicly thank them right now for helping me through a lot of bad stuff. I mean they ribbed me too of course but they helped me a lot which I am truly in their debt for.

How was Tiger Jeet Singh to you, because you hear a lot of stories about him like that he only got his win over Antonio Inoki because of his ties with the Yakuza?
I have heard a lot of stories like that but Tiger treated me nothing but well. He got me on a tour with FMW and when he got sacked he and pretty much everybody he got booked with FMW got sacked as well.

Do you know why this happened?
I heard that he didn´t really have an office position but he was kind of pushing and getting guys booked even though he wasn´t supposed to be. And he kind of annoyed the office. Its hearsay so I don´t really know. When he left he went to NOW (Network Of Wrestling) and brought me into that. He started that up with his old partner (Ummanosuke) Ueda. I got right in for a tour for them and I was supposed to go back but the company folded. Truthfully the company seemed so disorganised that I was not terribly suprised that it fell through. They had Korakuen Hall which is a big deal but I mean we (normally) went to a building and they had started to poster the town like two days before. So there was no real buzz, they didn´t know that there was a show. And we got to the buildings and there were no chairs. See you were coming in and you were seeing two dozen people sitting on the floor. There was no real atmosphere there. I don´t know whose fault that was. I know Kendo Nagasaki was involved in the office as well. I think somebody dropped the ball on and that´s what ultimately gave the people a real "this is a second class company" feeling, even though they had a lot of first class talent.

Did you meet any legends in Japan like Stan Hansen and Abdullah the Butcher?
I ended up hooking up in the gym with Terry Gordy and Steve Williams.

Was that in a wrestling dojo?
No, it was a weightlifting gym. I worked out and they happened to be there so I hung out with them for a little while. The second time I went to Japan I had dinner with "The Patriot" Del Wilkes and his tag team partner Jackie Fulton and a couple of other guys and they all came to my birthday. Really nice guys.

How is living/working/tourning in Japan?
I love it. Im still working over there but for a new company.

Yeah, I saw you wrestling for the Wrestle Aid Project, how did this happen?
I was working for TNAW, possibly the most godawful company I´ve ever worked for here or there and Ryuma Go, who was a big deal with Tatsumi Fujinami in the eighties, was backstage one day. At first I didnt know who he was, he was just standing around in a suit backstage, I thought it was polite so I went over and shook his hand, "Hello, nice to meet you". He watched my match and then he invited me and a couple of other guys to dinner. Im always up for free food, so we went to eat Sushi, we were hanging out for hours, it was me, Raven and Erik Watts. I guess Bill Watts had given him a lot of work when he first got to the states years ago, so he felt obligated to try to hook Erik up with something and I think Ravens price tag was just too dear for this new promotion in Japan.

But they also took Jack Evans and Teddy Hart.

Why that?
Well they have a kind of a loose agreement with Stampede Wrestling so the last trip we did Ross Hart came over there to the cruiserweight tournament. And one of my students, Petey Williams, who was the Junior Heavyweight Champion which is nice; it was the heck of a tournament, I was really impressed with a lot of guys, I got Jonny Storm, a british kid, booked, he´s really good, and teddy hart ended up injuring his arm, I think he was supposed to go all the way to the finals but he ended up injuring his arm in a match with Jack Evans.

Will you work for them again?
Oh Yeah, I got two more tours this year and a bunch next year.

How long are they?
Right now its just one option, the next trip start on 10-24, in December we got the 28th in Guam, the 29th in Tokyo, next year we might go to Pearl Harbor, they have about three dates per tour, they are now trying to broaden a few more dates per show (tour), theyve got a really good buisness plan I think, they are not sinking 100,000,000 $ into one big show and if it doesnt draw they throw the towel, they are slowly building and trying to cultivate an audience, they´ve been nothing but fantastic with me, I can not complain a bit they were wonderful.

Going back to your rookie years I have heard a lot of stories about your first years as a pro just like the reservation indian stories.
I hold the record on Indian Reservation tours, I think I did about seven, thats more than anybody else has done, I´m looking for punishment.

Could you please tell us the your "famous" story of the Indians?
Which one, there are so many.
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