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In dieser Rubrik findet ihr 568 Interviews mit Wrestlern und Offiziellen, die im Laufe der Jahre auf Genickbruch veröffentlicht wurden. 75 der hier gelisteten Befragungen wurden exklusiv von Genickbruch-Mitarbeitern durchgeführt.

Exklusivinterview mit Ian Rotten
What were the main differences in ECW between 1993 and 1995?
In 1993, they pushed a lot of veterans, a lot of former stars of the WWF at that time. They wanted to establish their name in the wrestling business. But then, when Paul E. Dangerously took over in 1994, it changed. They went to younger, less known guys, which were extremely talented. Such as Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Too Cold Scorpio, who had his run with WCW but was very underrated as far as a wrestler is concerned. They gave birth to Sabu, Tazz, Tommy Dreamer, myself, Axl, Pittbulls (Pitbull #1 & Pitbull #2). But we still had the veterans around like Terry Funk and Kevin Sullivan to teach the younger guys, because they actually really cared. It was an atmosphere of competing, to try to be the best company and we felt that we were the better company than WCW and WWF. By 1995 - and I know Paul E. did - when ECW took off, we thought we could make it and Turner and Vince knew, that's why they took wrestlers from us.

Have you ever tried to get into WCW or WWF?
When me and Axl first started to tagging, we sent tapes for resumes and that type of stuff. Curt Hennig even told us that we were in close consideration for being "Men on a Mission", but they really wanted black guys for it. Because Axl was an excellent rapper. They wouldn't had to hire Oscar, because Axl would have done it on his own. But they wanted black guys for it and eventually went and got black guys for it. Since that time, I never tried and cared. But don't get me wrong, if they'd call me and tell me that they will give me this amount of money and if I'd reach a certain level they would give me this and that merchandise deal, I would just ask: "OK, where do you want me to sign it and when do I get there?". But the opposite side of it is your happiness. You have guys like Jerry Lynn and Spanky just came out there absolutely fucking miserable, which I imagine, I would be one of those guys also, but hopefully, you come out with a better bank account.

What old territorial promotions did you shape IWA Mid-South after?
I shape it after old Bill Watts, of course after old Championship Wrestling from Florida and of course Jerry Lawler's Old Memphis Territory. We did the thing they do, we have the white canvas for all the bloody brawls. Because if you have a spackle of blood on the canvas it looks like a artist took his paintbrush having it painted, kind of unreal. I'd say there are three groups, I'd say UWF, I'd say FCW and like I said, Lawler's old midsouth territory.

[b]What are the differences between IWA MS and the old territories?

They were making a whole lot of money. And they had TV to promote their product. The TV aspect helps in many ways. And of course I offer my guys to work four days a week and in the old territory you were working four days a week, but five shows in those four days. You were working twice on Saturday and then on Sunday. I'd like to have 12 towns in 4 states to run it, because then you can build up some fan community and sell merchandise regularely, because in the independent scene merchandise is where the money is at.

Do you have any local TV station which is supporting you?
No. We could eventually work towards to get one, but it is very expensive and it is a high risk. Paying for TV was what was putting Smoky Mountain Wrestling out of the business, you know? You got to be careful what you do. I started to make that adventure a few years ago when I first started IWA, tried to go to TV but it was very, very expensive. I was hurting myself more than I was helping myself.

Who would you like to wrestle?
I would have like to wrestle Cactus Jack at his prime, even me at 34 a few years ago, maybe with something like 29, that could have been something else. Now, I don't know. It is hard to say who I'd like to wrestle. I'd love to team with Dusty Rhodes, but I wouldn't want to wrestle Dusty Rhodes. See, I have tagged with like everybody that is anybody in hardcore wrestling. I have tagged with Mad Man Pondo, Axl, Terry Funk, Cactus Jack, Abdullah the Butcher, but I don't know if there is... I think it would be fun to work with Lawler. I never worked Lawler, I have worked with Brian, Grandmaster Sexay, but I have never worked the King-Fish. That would probably be fun. I guess if I could, I'd like to wrestle Regal, but he is all messed up, but again, so am I. Isn't he cleared to wrestle?

Yes he is. He is currently working with Nick Dinsmore, who is playing this Eugene Character.
Poor bastard Dinsmore. You spend six years in wrestling and then you are sent to WWE as a retard. It is an over gimmick, it is over tremendously, but it has nothing to do with wrestling. But the gimmick is over incredibly.

What do you think of Nick Dinsmore's style to wrestle?
I like Nick. Nick actually worked for me a couple of times before there was heat between me and Danny Davis. I always said, him and Conway were the guys who had talent. But they had talents no thanks to anyone in that organisation, they were just athletes. Kinda like Claudio (Double C), he's got bred for greatness, his body structure, his athletic ability, it is not hard to understand, why he is one of the best in this area. With a bred like that, you have a better opportunity, you are gifted.

What type of death match wouldn´t you do again?
The only thing I wouldn't do again is a bare foot thumb tack again, and the reason why I wouldn't do that again is, because I have some medical issues. I have diabetes. So that is pretty much I wouldn't do again. But money changes everything, if someone comes along and pays me a hell lot of money, I would also do that again.

Anything you ever regretted?
No, because any of my pain has been a crowd pleasure. Anytime I thought "Oh shit, that hurt." has been met with a "Oh wow." by the people. Even last year in the final of the "King of the Death Matches" Tournament, when I was broken my nose and both my arms were busted open, I haven't regretted it.

In which area would you like to promote?
I am happy where I am at. I would like to get some money together to do some extension in Illinois and Ohio and possibly West Virginia, because these are all states without regulations. In Kentucky they are treating wrestling like a shoot, allthough it is a work. They have put some ridiculous rules on it, you can not bleed, you are not allowed to be rude or vulgar, in the United States this is a serious form of Censorship. If you consider professional wrestling as a performance, then those performances are by people who are performing. But if you do tell these people, you are not allowed to do this and that, then you are seriousely censoring a form of art. They said to me, that I am not doing, what conventional wrestling does. But conventional wrestling uses thumb tacks, conventional wrestling uses barb wire, conventional wrestling is using sledgehammers. What they basically said was, that I was before my time. You see more blood on PPVs than there ever has been before, since the late seventies, early eighties. And even then they put a big X across the screen. I was getting 400 people a week, not a month like now, but when the commission cracked on me, then the audience went down. Now it is getting better. The town, where we have the "King of the Deathmatches" Tournament is really small. There live quite a lot of mineurs, there are a few buildings in the town, a gas station, a town hall, a super market and some houses and that's it. They probably have two lights in the whole city. If we were somewhere else on the East Cost, we could probably draw incredibly audiences.
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