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In dieser Rubrik findet ihr 568 Interviews mit Wrestlern und Offiziellen, die im Laufe der Jahre auf Genickbruch veröffentlicht wurden. 75 der hier gelisteten Befragungen wurden exklusiv von Genickbruch-Mitarbeitern durchgeführt.

Exklusivinterview mit Lash LeRoux
Since WCW closed we have not heard much of you, please tell us what you have done since the end of World Championship Wrestling!
Actually, I was one of the first twenty-four WCW wrestlers to sign over to the WWE after Vince McMahon purchased the company. I signed a three year deal with the WWE. However, after only nine months with the company it became apparent that the company didn't have any plans for me. That's when the WWE and I parted ways.

We heard you suffered a neck injury during the summer. How are you?
I'm back to 100%, thanks! The injury occurred during an independent show the week after I appeared on the first NWA-TNA Pay-Per View. It was a scary injury because the first doctor that I consulted basically told me that I was looking at the same surgery wrestlers like Steve Austin, Chris Benoit, Rhyno and others had to have. However, I went to another doctor for a second opinion and he suggested that I try rehabbing without surgery first. Fortunately, after about seven months of aggressive rehab my body healed without the need of surgery.

How did you get your start in wrestling and was there a wrestler which you did idolize growing up?
I got my start in wrestling by going to an open tryout at the old WCW Power Plant. After training there for over a year, I was able to impress the company enough that they offered me my first contract. As far as wrestlers that I admired growing up, there was Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong, Arn Anderson, and many others. Hogan was my favorite.

How did you come up with the first version of your "Lash LeRoux" gimmick?
It's actually my real name. Which is fortunate for me, because no one has ever really done a Cajun gimmick on such a large scale. When you see Lash LeRoux, you're just seeing me being me.

Your thoughts on the Misfits in Action and your Corporal Cajun gimmick?
That was a tough situation. Tough, because when Vince Russo created the gimmick, he told us we were just going to be comic relief for the show. Well, that made us feel as though we were never going to be taken seriously by the fans. On the other hand, we were all so talented -- Hugh Morrus, Chavo Guerrero Jr., The Wall and myself -- that we were able to get the fans' support. The gimmick turned out to be the most fun I've ever had.

How do you think about the current situation of WWE?
All things considered, I'm not at all surprised by the WWE's current situation. So many factors like the slumping economy, the fact that the WWE doesn't have any real competition and the lack of interest in the wrestling in general, have all contributed to the present state of wrestling. All businesses are going to have their ups and downs. Wrestling is no different. So, you can't expect business to be great all the time. But, that also means that wrestling will soon be big again. Success always comes in cycles.

What did you think, was the reason, WCW failed?
It's no secret that the company that owned WCW just no longer cared to be in the wrestling business. They loved it while WCW was making a lot of money. But once business started to go down hill, they preferred to sell the company rather than deal with any of the problems. It was just a lack of interest in wrestling from a company that had several other large corporations that they viewed as being more important.

What are your thoughts referring to the NWA-TNA especially the X-Division?
I think what they're doing is fresh, inventive and a much needed change in the wrestling business. The X-D is tremendous! I could watch guys like AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Alan Funk, Elix Skipper and Syxx-Pac wrestle all day. In fact, I'd love to be right in the middle of that mix! Right now, there's nothing more important than the wrestlers finding somewhere other than the WWE to work. Plus, the fans deserve a variety of entertainment. Frankly, there's plenty of talent out there just waiting to be utilized.

Were there any wrestlers who you did not like behind the scenes?
I can honestly say that I felt like I got a long with everybody. And not just the wrestlers. I also became very close with the referees and production crew members behind the scenes. We all worked and traveled together, and I considered everyone an extension of my family.

Many people think the WWE will be the all-time No. 1 in wrestling. Is it hard for you to wrestle for a division that is always standing in the shadow of a bigger one?
No. Not at all. There is no doubt that Vince McMahon knows the wrestling business better than anyone. But that doesn't always mean he'll be number one. The company that is number one is going to be the company that has the best all around talent. Sooner or later, things will change. But then, I don't feel like I have to work for the number one company. Sometimes, it's more rewarding to work for a smaller company because you want to work harder to catch up with the big guys. That's the way life is in general.

Would you prefer wrestling for the WWE or are you happy with your current situation?
I would love to have another run in the WWE. In fact, I'm just 26 years old and I have a lot of experience already. So, I have plenty of time to accomplish more in wrestling. However, right now I am very happy with my situation. I'm at home as much as I want to be and wrestle as often as I like. I'm also working very hard with my cartooning and humorous illustration. My goal is to be as successful as a freelance artist as I have been as a wrestler.

Is there a moment which you consider as the greatest moment in your career?
The greatest moment in my career was being next to Hugh Morrus (Bill DeMott) when he finally won the WCW United States Heavyweight Title. He deserved that more than anyone. And to be next to him in the ring when the whole locker room came out to show their support and respect -- That was HUGE!

What are your long-term goals in the business?
The same as always. To be one of the best. I want both the fans and the other wrestlers to always remember me and respect me as much as I respect and remember them.

Have you ever wrestled in Germany, if so what did you like most and what didn't you like?
I've never had the pleasure of wrestling in Germany. I just missed out. In WCW we did a tour of England, and some of the wrestlers went on to do a few shows in Germany, while a few of us came back to the states. It was just the luck of the draw, and unfortunately I missed out that time.

Is there anything you´d like to say to all your German fans?
Yes. I've received a LOT of mail from German fans and I want to thank them for not forgetting about me. I will certainly be back on TV, sooner rather than later. I appreciate all of your cards and letters, so please keep them coming.

word association:
Lash LeRoux: creative and determined
Vince McMahon: business mastermind
Vince Russo: great idea man
Hulk Hogan: a true icon of the sport
Ric Flair: THE best wrestler ever, bar none
Bret Hart: the absolute complete wrestler
Hugh Morrus: PURE heart. The MOST respected man in wrestling.
Chavo Guerrero jr.: a technician. Tremendous now and will only get better.
The Wall: Unlimited potential. Could become the best "Big Man" ever.
Chris Benoit: Pure wrestler. Hold for hold, no one is better.
Sean "X-Pac" Waltman: can have a great match with anyone
Billy Kidman: A cruiserweight pioneer
Rey Mysterio Jr.: Great athlete. Responsible for the success of the cruiserweight division in the US.
Shane Helms: Is better and better every time I see him wrestle. Will be one of the next superstars.
Cartoons: My first love. The next frontier that Lash LeRoux will conquer! Check out a new cartoon each week at
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