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In dieser Rubrik findet ihr 569 Interviews mit Wrestlern und Offiziellen, die im Laufe der Jahre auf Genickbruch veröffentlicht wurden. 75 der hier gelisteten Befragungen wurden exklusiv von Genickbruch-Mitarbeitern durchgeführt.

Exklusivinterview mit Road Warrior Animal
How did you get into the wrestling business?
I got into the wrestling business when American Football did not workout.

Please tell us something about your rookie years!
Rookie years were great, we were brutal to our opponents.

Who came up with the idea of teaming you with Hawk and how was the outfit of the LoD designed?
Ole Anderson teamed me up with Road Warrior Hawk, but Hawk and I already knew each other from Childhood anyway. We disigned the costumes.

With the comeback of the LoD in WWE on May, 12 you have gotten many pops by the fans. Did you expect to be still a favourite of the fans?
We were hoping the fans would still Love us on May 12th and they did, the loudest Pops all night, the WWE fans and wrestling fans in general are the best in the world.

How did the WWE locker room welcome you back?
The WWE locker was great, respect was great, all the guys were great.

Can you compare the locker rooms in WCW, WWF, NWA, Japan etc.?
The locker room was the same in the WWE as it is in all the other ones, they do not differ that much the guys are the guys.

According to rumors, your appearance at Raw was also your last one in WWE, is it correct? Why didn´t you stay in WWE?
We knew going in it would take weeks, this is a great business storylines have to be written you just do not do things overnight, this is why the WWE is a great company they do not rush anything, we are in negotionations and hopefully will work something out very soon.

How do you feel about WWE trying to hire some of the old school big names, e.g. you and Hawk, Sable, Piper etc.?
First of all I would like you and all the reporters to stop calling it old school names because that is what it is not, it is experience that younger talent cannot get or achieve. All the names you mentioned are top notch names in this business, just because a person has been the most over or popular for more than 10 years you call them old school, what is old school about it nothing, putting people in the seats is the name of the game, and getting them to react is an art.

What are your thoughts on Vince McMahon jr.?
Vince is a genius, plain and simple, he took this business to another level.

What do you think of the current state of WWE and what are your thoughts on NWA-TNA?
WWE has a great future and always will, the others should watch and learn.

What was the reason for you to rejoined WCW in january 2001 at WCW´s "Sin"?
I joined WCW when Hawk was sick and did it so Hawk and I could do our thing, as you know the company was bought out and the rest is history.

What were the differences in WCW between 1995 and 2001?
I thought it was better in 2001.

How did Vince Russo treat you in your short stint in WCW?
I did not have to deal with Vince Russo that much, no comment.

What are your thoughts on the demise of WCW?
The demise of WCW was too much wasted spending, talent sitting home and getting paid was a killer for the company, more power to them if they got it.

What happened 1988 in the NWA as you were injured in an angle with the Powers Of Pain?
Powers of Pain was a work I got hurt the night before with The Warlord.

Please tell us something about the New Legion Of Doom Tag Team with Crush!
Crush was never a member of the Legion of Doom, he just filled in one or twice.

What is your other brother (fka The Terminator) doing right now?
The Terminator is doing Websites for companies, Design work.

Who was the best rip off team of the Roadwarriors?
Demolition was the greatest compliment to our gimmick.

In 1993 and 1994 we haven´t seen you wrestle, what have you done in that timeframe?
I was in Japan in 93-94 so I was wrestling.

Do you think you should have been long time Tag Team Champions in AWA, NWA and WWF?
We were long time Champions, we were also multi time champs in all the companies you have mentioned as well as others you did not.

What are your thoughts on the recent passings of Curt Hening, Davey Boy Smith and Miss Elizabeth?
It saddens me and the other people in my business when one of our own passes on.

Please compare Sunny and Paul Ellering as your managers!
There is no comparision with Sunny or Paul Ellering.

Who are some people you were really friends with in the business?
Hawk is a really good friend, Davey Boy Smith was also, I have had quite a few great friends in this business, I am a lucky person to have known them.

What was you favorite feud?
The Horsemen was a great fued.

Do you want to stay in business, e.g. become a road agent after you end your in ring career?
I would like to be in Developemental or behind the scenes, yea, but as it looks the reaction is still strong so I do not know when that would be.

Hawk wrestled in Germany in CWA, have you ever wrestled in Germany, if so what did you like most and what didn't you like?
We both have been to Germany, many times, it is a great country, we like all of Europe to be quite honest, Germans are great athletes, we respect that.

Is there anything you´d like to say to all your German fans?
We would like to say we hope to see all our German fans soon and hope to be able to Entertain them for years to come.

word association:
Vince McMahon: Genius, untouchable, class.
Eric Bischoff:Had WCW and made a great company out of it.
Hawk: Best partner, friend.
The Terminator: Brother, friend, smart.
Johnny Ace: Brother, friend, great mind for wrestling business.
Sunny: Good manager, got bad advise from someone.
Paul Ellering: Great manager, smartest person I know besides Vince.
Droz: Great person, Tougher than I could imagine.
Steiner Brothers: Great guys.
Goldberg: Great man, upstanding person.
Steve Austin: Incredible talent.
Rob Van Dam: Do not know very well, but a great athlete.
Genickbruch.com: great German Wrestling Reporters
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