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In dieser Rubrik findet ihr 568 Interviews mit Wrestlern und Offiziellen, die im Laufe der Jahre auf Genickbruch veröffentlicht wurden. 75 der hier gelisteten Befragungen wurden exklusiv von Genickbruch-Mitarbeitern durchgeführt.

Exklusivinterview mit Mike Quackenbush
Tonight you won the wXw Lightweight Title, how does it feel?
It´s very nice to come here and not just to wrestle for the belt but to wrestle with the very best wrestlers, you know, and to get a matchup against some of the greatest cruiserweights not just in Europe but anywhere in the world, so to win that belt especially tonight really means a lot to me, to be here in this building (Roxy) in this town (Essen) against these great wrestlers, it means quite a lot.

Two months ago you came for the first time to Germany, how did that occur?
I was aware that a friend of mine, Chris Hero had been coming to Germany and that he had the wXw Heavyweight Title and then he came back and said "I wrestle for this company in Germany where they appreciate our style of wrestling". They really like it - unlike in the states sometimes when the people don´t care and they think we´re boring and he said you should come here because the fans here they like what we do. I said "So what do I have to do? Who do I have to call?" And he said "Let me try and talk to the promoter, now that I´m the champion they´ll listen to me" so he spoke to some of the office people at wXw and they said alright bring him along with you and we give him a chance and I just said great, you just tell me the dates and I´ll be there so that´s how I got to come and basically try out here to see if they like what I did and what I said tonight in the ring was very true, if I had come and the fans had not liked what I did I definately wouldn´t have come back but the fans were so appreciative last time of my wrestling they would not let the wXw forget about me so they had to bring me back. It was great and I hope to come back.

What was your first impression of wXw at Got Eggs? Were you suprised how the fans reacted on the first night and how your popularity increased on the second night?
The first day was interesting because I knew there were a few people who knew my name but most people would not know who I am because even at home in the states I´m not very popular some people know my name from the internet maybe or magazines, things like that but not a lot of fans have seen me wrestle I wrestle in small buildings in front of small crowds. I´ve never been on WWE television. It was about what I thought it would be, few fans knew who I was and most people where like "Who is that skinny white guy?". So I figured all I can do here is to do the best I can, show them all my technics and I want to show them my flying and my submission holds and everything I do and just present the best match. If they like it - great and if they don´t then I´ll guess I just go home. So on the second night they said to me "Do you want to do an interview in the ring, do you want to speak on the microphon?" and I said "No, I don´t speak much German at all. They´ll laugh because I only speak Englisch and some Spanish and some Japanese and neither of those will help me here" so they said "No, it´s okay, you can speak English, they´ll all understand." So I thought they were making a joke, I´ll go out there and then they´ll say "What is he saying?". So I made up in the back what I wanted to say about my favorite television show and I would say it as a joke but then I came out and realised everyone really does understand English, everybody knows what I´m saying. So I thought I can´t talk about television, I have to really talk about wrestling. And the fans they were like... it was very cool and it didn´t seem to matter what I´d do; if I wanted to come out and show them holds, or if I wanted to strike or fly or I just wanted to show them different technics I learned, if I just wanted to have fun and make the everyone laugh, whatever it was - the people liked it. So by the second night I was like "Woah, I don´t wanna go home now, let´s just stay and keep wrestling here" but they said "No, we only do two nights at the Roxy (the home of wXw)" and I interjected "Well, let´s make it three nights".

Where have you learned the European Wrestling Style before you came here?
I´ve got a lot of tapes of British wrestling from the 70´s and 80´s and I am a big fan of Johnny Saint and Steve Grey and guys like that who did more of a traditional and what I think is the catch style. There wasn´t a lot of striking and jumping of the top rope, they didn´t do any of those things. They were such mat experts - actually like Doug Williams (who is walking past him) - they were masters at what they do. And I thought to myself this is so cool because audiences appreciate this, that you don´t have to go out and do the most dangerous thing you can and risk your live, if you just go out and you´re an intelligent wrestler and you wrestle a good match that the people will like it. I thought that´s really inspiring to me because at home nothing pleases the fans anymore. They just want to chant things at you like "You Suck" and it doesn´t matter how talented or not talented you are - that´s all they want. They want to run home and write to their friends that it was a zero star match and they hated it. They do care more about that sort of things than coming and having a good time and seeing good wrestling. So when Hero started to tell me, because he wrestled here and in Austria and the Netherlands and some other places he said "No, it´s exactly what you would want. You come and you put on a good match and when it´s good they´ll tell you and when it´s bad they´ll tell you, but they´ll appreciate it at all." So I was very eager to come here and to wrestle.

Where do you get your British wrestling tapes?
The first time that I saw Johnny Saint I can´t even remember. I saw so many years ago a wrestling progamm called "World Of Sports" on the BBC and I must have picked it up on a show or someone must have gave it to me and said "You should really watch this" because at that time I liked to do a lot of flying but on the mat people would tie me into nuts and I would look like a fool so they said "You should try and watch something of this and learn it so you stop looking like a jackass when you wrestle". Then I tried to meet some guys who could wrestle that style and they said "I can teach you how to escape that move and I can teach you this submission" and I always tried to learn more and learn more and learn more. And then they would give me tapes. "Watch this guy and then come back in two weeks and then we´ll talk about it." That´s how I learned, I saw a tape and someone would teach it to me. "I saw how he escaped from that Full Nelson - show that to me". And then I would learn it from someone else. And sometimes I would wrestle Mexican wrestlers or Japanese wrestlers or whoever and I would always ask them "What do you do that´s a little different?" So that when people would watch they wouldn´t say "Oh, he ripped of a bunch of British Wrestling" , I learned a little bit Mexican wrestling, a little bit American, a little Japanese, a little European and then I´d mix it all together and make something new.

Some of your moves seem a little bit wacky, just like your counter sequences, did you invent some of them or who taught you most them? Was it a lucha libre star, a puroresu star, a American wrestling star, a British wrestling star or even a Catch-as-Catch-can star?
A lot of the submission moves I like to invent myself and I´m lucky that I have a school back home so I have a lot of students who sometimes I just experiment on like in fact one of them which we did tonight it was like a combination of a piledriver and a boston crab and I said to my students "Look, when I go back to Germany it is really important for me to show them something new so they won´t feel like "Oh, he´s does the same things over and over"" so I said "This week I´m gonna work very hard and try to invent a new submission hold". The move was something I made up, I made it up the day before I get on the plane to come here. Some of them work and some of them don´t work so well but I always have to try something new I always want the fans to see something new. Sometimes you watch someone like Hulk Hogan and he would always do the three or four moves over and over again and your thinking "You could do a Hulk Hogan match. You know it better than he does". I have to do something fresh and new so that the fans are always suprised. I want to work hard for them and come up with somehing else.

Did you ever had tryouts in the big 2 or in Mexico or in Japan?
I worked for a lucha libre promotion last year but it was just a one time thing. It was Pro Wrestling Azteca [Promo Azteca], I think Konnan started it after WCW (1996). Then it got really small and I think it´s dead now. (A male opera voice is coming quite loud out of a café) That guys got a great voice! I´m sure everybody want´s to hear that. But several years ago in 1999 I had the chance with five other wrestlers not to get development contracts but to come to work for WCW. It were Michael Modest, Christopher Daniels, Air Paris, AJ Styles, Reckless Youth and myself, Mike Quackenbush. They said "We have this contract for you. You have to come down for a dark match with you and if we like you you´ll get the contract but you´ll have to move to Atlanta". I live in Pennsylvania which is thousands of miles away and I would have to leave my job and the money wasn´t really that good. Everybody always thinks "Oh, you get the big contract there should be big money". But it was the same that I made at my office job. Daniels and Modest went down and they did their match and Chris got hurt in that match and then they fired them. I didn´t want to do it, I didn´t want to take the chance of moving, do a match, get fired like two days later and have to move back home. So I said "No, I won´t take the contract". A lot of people said I was a fool, I was stupid doing it, I should have done it. But at that time they started to destroy the cruiserweight division, the people in creative power felt that the cruiserweigths were bad, they didn´t want that anymore. That wasn´t where I want to be, I just want to do my style. They could have wanted to change what I did, they could have said "No, you can´t do the submissions because it´s boring". That´s what I want to do. I want to wrestle in a way that makes me happy. "I don´t want to be miserable but at least I make money" - that´s irrelevant to me and it was the same thing with ECW. They said "Why don´t you come in and wrestle Nova" and this kind of blablabla and my friend Reckless Youth went and did it and he said it was terrible. He said in the lockerroom everyone wants to fight you and beat you up and they´re unfriendly. I said it was alot like the mafia. He went once and he wrestled Nova for a ECW television taping and he said "I don´t wanna go back. I don´t like the atmosphere. They don´t want me to be myself, they want me to be the ECW-version of Reckless Youth". Then they (ECW) called and I said "No" like a "No, forget it, not interested". Because of my regular job I have always been able to just wrestle the places I want to wrestle and do the style I want to do and never compromise.
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