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In dieser Rubrik findet ihr 568 Interviews mit Wrestlern und Offiziellen, die im Laufe der Jahre auf Genickbruch veröffentlicht wurden. 75 der hier gelisteten Befragungen wurden exklusiv von Genickbruch-Mitarbeitern durchgeführt.

Exklusivinterview mit Fabian Kaelin
First I would like to say thank you for your time. By the way, how should I call you? Ryan Katz? Fabian Kaelin or GQ Money?
Any of those names are fine... it's a predicament I've gotten myself into, because I like all of my names, and i like having different identities, but it does confuse people. It was Ron Jeremy who said to me "You change names more than I change underwear!"

I am really into the GQ Money name.
In truth, that's my least favorite. I just always thought the name was too cliché.

How are you doing?
I am doing great though!!!!!

Exactly one year ago MTV successfully started their new show called Wrestling Society X, with you as host an announcer. Unfortunately WSX only lasted for some weeks. Do you look back with a "crying eye"?
Definitely!!!! I (as well as many others) put all we had into it, and we really thought it was going to go somewhere. When it didn't, I was totally devastated. It's just such a shame, because even after re-watching it, despite the few problems it had, overall, it really was a fantastic product, and with time, our problems/mistakes/flaws would have been worked out.

Definitely. I just watched the WSX DVD and it was such a great product for a high spots fan. There are some rumors why MTV cancelled WSX. Could you please explain, what the real reason was, why WSX went off the program?
Well, MTV as a whole was in turmoil at that time. Hundreds of people got fired/let go, including the president of certain divisions. So that was one thing. The other reason was simply, the show did not get promoted. When MTV decided to pick WSX up, they had mentioned that their goal was to draw the male demographic into the network (because mainly it's a station watched by girls). BUT... they did nothing to draw those male viewers. No promotion. minimal commercials. It was crazy. Before we debuted, I would send them (as well as the Big Vision execs) pages and pages of ideas for advertising and promotion. Some of those things would have cost some money, but most of them wouldn't have. It was frustrating me so much that all these ideas were getting blown off, because I knew the week before we aired, that they totally dropped the ball, and we were screwed. I mean, how is it, that as a new MTV show, none of our people were on TRL to promote? Nobody made the Hollywood talk show circuit to promote. No posters/billboards around town. There was nothing. I don't even think there were any magazine adds, so essentially, I believe, we were set up to fail.

So the rating drop and the fire incident was not decisive?
Now that we are a year beyond I have no problem saying, the fire incident had nothing to do with anything.

The sneak preview and the pilot one year ago did great ratings. How did you, MTV and the entire WSX roster react, when the rating dropped from one week to another?
Well, once again, I expected it, strictly because of the lack of promotion. I blame MTV. They put millions of dollars into a product, but didn't promote it at all. With the way the television business works, you cannot survive without strong promotion. They essentially took almost 10-million dollars, and flushed it down the toilet. What a shame.

But maybe the rating drop was caused by the fact WSX had no well known faces in its roster, except Syxx-Pac and Vampiro?
Well, that could be, but honestly I don't think that's the case. It's the type of show, on the type of network that didn't need star power. I really believe it came down to PROMOTION. Here's an example...For the few commercials we had, it was wrestling highlight video style. Music with bumps and high spots. I thought MTV was foolish to not have their normal voice over lady (who does the Real World commercials, Road Rules, etc) do a "drama" style commercial like all their other shows. Let their Voice over lady explain the stories and characters, just like they do for every other successful show.

What would Wrestling Society X have needed to survive on MTV, except the voice over girl and more promotion?
People who watch MTV like the drama and extreme nature of characters. So I'm not saying that WSX should have a reality show, but I do think it should have been promoted in the dramatic style that they do for their current reality shows. In terms of survival, I think we needed one more season. If we had a second season, I think we would have worked out the kinks and flaws that people would talk about. Editing issues would have been looked into. Time restraints would have been tweaked. Crowd issues would be addressed. And as a whole, we would all be more comfortable and familiar, so that the 2nd season would have really solidifed an audience with a more polished (yet still gritty) feel. We had 5-weeks on TV or so, and that really isn't enough time to build a connection with the audience, especially with a full roster, and only 21-minutes a week.

So you really think the concept of Wrestling Society X would have been successful if MTV would have decided to give WSX another season?
Yes!!! 100%.

I do, too! Let us take a jump back to the time WSX was not on MTV or even had taped shows. How did this project came about and who had the idea for WSX?
The idea is Kevin Kleinrock's. It was made possible by Big Vision. Kevin had a vision, and I believe he executed it very well.

Who was responsible for the compilation of the roster?
Uh, Kevin, he got a lot of input and feedback from keith Lipinski, and even the MTV people had something to say. They were shown a lot of guys, and got to say who they liked a lot too.

I think they did a great job, except the fact Matt Classic was exclusive to WSXtra. How did you became a part of the WSX roster?
Part of the thing about that was to make WSXtra a special show that you had to watch. I have been working with Kevin since 2001, so when he saw a spot for me, he asked if I would like to be involved.

Good choice.

Let's talk about your character later. How much of the show was edited? I heard some stunts had to be re-filmed 5 or 6 times.
I don't know where that came from, because when it came down to the wrestling, not one match, or spot was ever redone. Entrances had to be redone. Intros, sometimes had to be redone. Band transitions, had to be redone. But as far as the wrestling, whoever stated that is untruthful.

I think it was Jack Evans who said that he botched a move, so he had to do his move again...and again...and again.
I had the "Best Seat in the House" and was at every episode, from the moment of me prepping the crowd, to the final moment when it was done. Wrestling was not re-shot! There was a never a cut during the match. It was never stopped and said, "lets reposition and try that again." So if Jack botched a spot, Jack himself just went and did it again. Like he would in any show. So if he said that, he's using MTV as a scapegoat and crutch because that didn't happen. No segment of any matches were ever redone. If someone botched a spot, and then did it again, they did it themselves to try and recover from embarrassment.

How smart was it to tape the entire season in one week?
Has it's pro and cons. And I think those are pretty even.

I think the atmosphere backstage was very good in this taping week.
Yes. We were having fun. A lot of people put their hearts into it. Some people just thought of it as a gig. And still some didn't like the feel, vibe, style and concept. But all of those groups of people got along great with each other, and worked well together.

Did MTV made some changes after they watched the pilot and the first episodes?
Ummm, there were definitely some changes from the pilot to the actual episodes, and they always had a say into the episodes, but I don't know if I would say that they really changed things. BUT, that's more of a question for Kevin than me, as he would be more aware of those aspects of the production.

WWE was afraid of the WSX product, or how would you explain that Vince McMahon put ECW on Sci Fi head to head with your show?
I think that we ruffled WWE's feathers more than TNA ever has. That first week, they made an effort to combat our debut.

Yeah, the first week was so amazing!!!!
I don't think they were scared, but strictly speaking in terms of business, I know that felt we were a potential threat. In the end we weren't, but they were anxious of our debut, and made intentional moves to steer people away from our product. That was the ONLY reason Vince showed up on that episode.

In season 1 - actually also the last season - some storylines were started, which (correct me if I am wrong) should continue in season 2. Would you please tell us, what the creative team planned for the teased stories?
Not exactly sure... more questions for them. In terms of me, I was going to become more character based, and involved with a mystery power who was in control of WSX...some of the other stuff is hidden on the DVD (like the PPV notes), but that's more questions for Kevin and Keith Lipinski.

There were plans to introduce a Cruiserweight Title and Tag Titles. Could you please tell us more about those plans?
Well, those were the plans

So season 2 would had opened with Human Tornado vs Jack Evans for the Cruiserweight Title and the Tag Team tourny?
Not sure what those matches were going to be.

I also heard, that there was a plan to launch a women’s division with Sara del Rey and Mickie Knuckles. Were those rumors true?

Personally I enjoyed your introductions, but there were also a lot of people which did not liked them. Did you have any problems that wrestling fans claimed you "The World's Most Annoying Hype Man" Fabian Kaelin?
The first negative review I read upset me a little bit, but when I started seeing that every person had a negative thing to say about me it cheered me up. I wasn't trying to be a heel or anything, but in my career I always have been, so it was fine. the fact is people talked about me. and i think that even bothered people, because they wanted to see a dull ring announcer. Well fuck that. I did what I was asked to do. I did it to the best of my ability. I feel I did a great job doing it (as did the execs), so if people have a problem with that they could kiss my ass. I actually respond to all the negativity on the 4th disk of the WSX DVD box set. I go off on a 10-minute promo about it, then I give the people what they want SILENCE...and i do that by cutting off my tongue. Which luckily was able to be re-attached, as the stunt was done with a medical staff, and it was immediately put on ice. Stiched, and after a few weeks it healed very nicely. It was a clean cut, and like I said, I did have medical staff on site with me when filming.

How did you get your style of announcing?
Well, honestly, at the pilot, I was going to be much more circus ringmaster, with a more melodic, rhythmic flow and less yelling. BUT, I was asked by the execs at MTV to go more "Rock Concert meets Gladiator" style and do more yelling and high intensity stuff. So I feel, I gave them what they asked for, and I'm pretty sure they were very happy with me.

You tried to tease it a little bit in your previous answers…The fans who followed WSX closely should notice a kind of transformation in your persona. In which direction should your character have developed? I noticed that you transformed into your Alter Ego GQ Money from XPW - a character influenced by the movie Clockwork Orange sitting on his throne.
Yes, in truth, I was in full GQ Money gear on the pilot, and right before I was going on to start the show, I was approached and asked to change into a more street clothes based outfit. Then when they greenlight the season, the MTV execs told Big Vision that they wanted me in the character gear. So at that point we thought the only way to do that was to be through a slow transition, which would have played out through the next season. In truth, it didn't come off as well as it could have, but that is life!
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